The Overlandy Index

It’s that time to buy a new rig. Or maybe it’s that time to plop down a major “investment” into the current rig. You want to know that your money will be well spent, and that you can live with the modifications day-to-day. After all, some add-ons also subtract-off in some other way, and this is unacceptable in a daily…



My wife had to work all day, so I decided to take my girls on a hike through the Superstitions. My oldest was still recovering from getting her tooth pulled, so we only hiked for a few hours. The desert is in full bloom, so even a short hike was enough to recharge my batteries.


New vehicle thoughts

H’okay. The time has come to get serious with my search for a new truck. Daily driver, weekend warrior, etc. I believe I’ve narrowed it down to three (four?) vehicles- none of which I’ve even driven yet. I think I’m pretty settled on a wagon (more on that in a bit); for budget I’d like to keep it under $10 but I can