Next day was chores, as is the case after a big adventure. Laundry, a big stock up at the local supermarket - food shopping in the north is a different experience to the southern parts of this country, especially in country areas. Lack of regular supply, customers, and the cost of freight means variety is limited,


This is our last episode from Panama! We go through the process, with our new buddies, of shipping Goose from the port in Colón, Panama towards Cartagena, Colombia.

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The plan was simple. We were going to take a long weened to head out into the Ozark National Forest to do some light offroading with my somewhat newly acquired 4WD Civic Wagon and see how it would do. We’d invite some friends and make an adventure out of it. And an adventure it was.


This week we go deeper into the Panama jungle in search of our own untouched beach. We also see the biggest tree’s outside of Sequoia National Park that we’ve ever seen.


Come morning I give the Cruiser a decent check over. What with after fly camp extraordinaire last night (where I didn’t do my usual morning checks), and a good two days of rugged trails. I wanted to check that nothing wasn’t untoward before heading out into the bush again today.