All 4 Adventure UNLEASHED! The Review

Well the All 4 Adventure boys finally made it out of the bush and discovered... The Internet!

So now you can be anywhere in the world and tune in to their adventures.

To be fair they have had a popular You Tube channel going for years.

However, previously to watch their full adventures you had either be watching TV in Australia or purchase their DVD’s (which is recommended btw, Season 4 onward especially).


What is it like? Well having only Episode 1 to go off, lets keep it simple.

This is the Best Adventure TV out there.

These guys really push the envelope in terms of destinations and how they go about getting there. Using a combination of modified 200 Series Land Cruisers, ATV and boats, they tackle some of the most remote, challenging and picturesque terrain Australia has to offer.

Now off in search of a downed WW2 Bell P-39 Airacobra, tackling one of the countries most challenging tracks through the rainforest of North Queensland, the action (and problems!) come thick and fast. I won’t spoil it but if anyone is doubting just how capable a 200 is off road, they need to watch this! If the rest of the series is anything like Episode 1, it should be a doozy.

I can highly recommend the package with Unleashed and All 4 Adventure S7. S7 was a pearler and will give you something to watch until the next Unleashed!



Thanks to Jase for his kind generosity and keeping it real, cheers mate.

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