I’m researching my future suspension setup, and have stumbled across Dobinsons as what appears to be a reasonable option. Since my 4Runner is still also a DD (although the commuting mileage will drop significantly next month) I’m not going absurd with tires or lift.

The Dobinsons lift is a 2.5”/1.5” F/R, and is an affordable $810 ($980 if you want the front struts assembled before they ship). ToyTec offers a 5100 Coilover kit for a few dollars more, or the ToyTec Boss Coilovers for a few hundred more. I know OME is available at a similar price point to the Dobinsons, too. I don’t want to buy new UCAs, and I know a full 3” lift, UCAs are recommended, if not required. So many options, and like anything, price creeps really quickly looking at suspension setups.

Through all of my analysis (yeah forums!), the Dobinsons setup seems to fit my bill. I’m also still debating between 285/70/17 and 275/70/17 tires. I’m currently leaning towards the 275/70, as the TRD Pro wheels is a 7” width. 285s can potentially mean a body mount chop as well, to avoid rubbing. Depending on who you ask, some needed it, some didn’t, but I pretty much have zero tolerance for rubbing.

Eventual usage is backroads explorer, no crazy rock crawling, etc. Yes, I know stock is capable. My 4Runner is also going to be my project/tinker mobile.