Second annual quad ride at my inlaws farm in northern Alberta. We come for a week or so every year- and my father in law is happy to spend a day riding around on quads with me. Next year the kids will come along, this year they are still practicing around the yard.

We go in an area called the sandhills it’s a huge recreation area with a ton of trails going everywhere. Locals get lost easily and you can drive around in circles without going anywhere. Lucky for me my guide started out riding and hunting this areas since he was 8 years old..

41km and 4hours later we arrived at the lunch stop- the next town overs golf and country club.. We hard parked right up front and went in for a burger and fries. After that it was back into the bush for the ride home.

Awesome day. Brings back all my work adventures, but I take a lot better care of this quad.