Well, most of it at least. Couldn’t get the Whole Enchilada because the La Salles had a ton of snow.


Weather and trail conditions meant that the shuttles were dropping most riders at the Jimmy Keen trailhead. Unfortunately this trail was nothing but thick mud and everyone ended up carrying their muddy bikes for a good 3 miles or so. Once the trail finally dried, the remainder of UPS, LPS, and Porcupine Rim made for some excellent if not challenging riding on the hardtail.

Camping with the RTT has been fantastic. With the tent on top, the Cruiser now has enough room for the cooler, all the gear, and two bikes inside. Keeping bikes out of the weather and free from salt/mag chloride is such a benefit on its own.


Stopped in Fruita on the way back home. Definitely need to spend some more time there too.


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