A good head to head to head with all the vehicles I’ve wanted to see

Gladiator V 2020 Defender V Defender 90 V 4Runner!

Not sure if the 4Runner is part of the battle. Still watching it. Will comment when it’s all done with an EDIT.


EDIT: Well boo, this was just a clip, not the whole thing, but it does show one obstacle with some clarity. Also looks like they aren’t taking the 4runner up the route which is a shame, I think it would make it but oh well. This isn’t a super fair comparison as both the Defender 90 and gladiator both look to have 35-inch tires and 2-3 inch lifts. That being said the new Defender also has a lift (lift rods) and non-stock tires, though I can’t say that they are a larger size, looks like they may be either factory or only slightly larger.

2 things stood out to my confirmation bias (I’ll admit it)

1. The gladiator just has the worse break-over and even lifted on 35's its an issue. Granted I think Tommy wasn’t driving the Gladiator to its strengths and could use a little more wheel time before calling if for sure.


2. The new Defender just has no wheel travel when raised and while its traction control systems are very effective it clearly is being used to overcome that foundational disadvantage. A locker would help certainly as would taller tires that could be allowed to deform more. Both the Gladiator and the Defender really tore the crap out of the trail...which is also one of the complaints I have for TC based system as they surge and bounce meaning spit rocks and big holes.

The Defender 90 isn’t a fair comparison as it’s clear it’s double locked and has Beadlock wheels and very low pressures.


I will also admit that I was sure the defender would bottom out on that rock and it didn’t, so color me impressed. The advantage of no driveshaft being angled down to an axle.  

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