Earlier today I posted that I was leaving to look at two different trucks, a Land Rover Series III, and a Nissan Patrol 2.8.

The first one I saw was the Land Rover. While not a basket case, the vehicle isn't ready to drive without some minor repairs and money spent. It needs basic stuff like tires (all dry rotted) and a battery (not installed), and a few other things. The doors are corroded but repairable, the body had dry rotted rubber gaskets everywhere. I asked about the Norwegian papers and French license plates, and the seller said it's all legal and documented. The MB OM 617 swap is also documented on the vehicle's registration. The engine and gearbox had minor traces of oil below it, but the frame looked to be in a good rust free condition.


All in all it was too much for me. If i had the time to repair it, and a garage to do it in it would have been a good choice, but this is not what I am looking for.

Next one was the Nissan Patrol. The truck was parked off the road, into the woods, as it currently has seasonal tags and it can't be on the road out of season. I had to scramble through the bush to take a look at it, but I immediately found it was in better shape than the Landy. While it isn't cosmetically perfect, there isn't any major corrosion on the truck. Mostly just light surface rust on the forward part of the frame. The rear side windows showed some rust on the outer edges of its trim, but it was treated with corrosion stop. Similarly the rear valance, right below the tail gate, shows two rust holes that have been treated with corrosion stop. The right rear fender shows some unfinished rust repair. The tail gate doesn't match the truck's color as the original one was damaged, so it's a white piece on a gray truck.


Other than that it seemed like a very solid vehicle. It's bare-bones simple, with the only electronics inside being the CD player. Its L28 six-inline engine is fed by a single carburetor, and the truck started right up, with no weird noises coming from the engine. Being that it is on seasonal plates meant that I couldn't drive the truck today, but the seller says he can arrange for a temporary license plate for Monday, if I was still interested in the truck. The speakers and stereo are new, and there are Mercedes Benz highway horns installed. Beyond the roof rack and bull bar, the truck also comes with a built up platform where two can sleep, with five different storage compartments underneath, plus a steel jerrican, two spare tires, and a large roof box. The seller is asking for 2700 Euro but I feel that he might accept 2500 for it. The seller also says that on the highway he was averaging 10 l/100 km traveled, which works out to 23.5 mpg. Not bad for an old truck!

I think the Nissan Patrol might be a good choice for a vehicle, with its simplicity, large interior size, and included accessories.