The first one is a 1977 Land Rover Series III, with a Mercedes Benz 3-liter diesel engine (OM617). The asking price is only only 3500 Euro. I am really curious as to the amount of rust on this thing, and how it drives. You don't usually find Land Rovers for this price around here.

I find it curious that the truck is being sold in Germany, the pictures show French license plates, and the add says it has Norwegian papers... sounds odd, still all EU countries, but odd nonetheless. The Benz engine is a curious and interesting choice.


The second truck is a Nissan Patrol 7-seater with the 2.8 gasoline engine (L28E). The truck was bought by a German family who invested some money repairing rust and refurbishing the truck, took it on a trip to Iceland, and now is putting the truck for sale.

It comes with a bull bar, two spare tires, and a roof rack (none pictured in the ad). The asking price is 3100 Euro but the seller told me "don't worry, that price is just a suggestion".

The picture below is the only one the seller has of the truck with the roof rack on, exploring Iceland. He says he shoots 99% video hence not many pictures.


Wish me luck!