I decided which 4WD to take to Big Bend

In my last post, I was debating the merits of taking either my newly resurrected Honda Civic 4WD Wagon or my Land Rover Discovery to Big Bend. With the trip two weeks away I’ve finally made a decision.


After taking the Civic off-roading last weekend I can safely say I don’t have enough confidence in it to drive it 2000+ miles and go off-roading. I’m all about insane automotive adventures, but that is a bridge too far.

It really came down to two things: ground clearance and cruise control. The Civic has neither and the Disco has both. The former can be solved, eventually, but two weeks isn’t enough time, in my opinion.

Regardless, while the Civic’s needs are minor (as far as I know) but numerous enough that I can’t see getting it where I need it.


So... the Land Rover is going to get prepped. Luckily its needs are minor. I need to fix the CDL linkage, adjust the passenger door, fix the parking brake, replace the guibo, and give the interior a good cleaning.

Update: Went to move the Landy into the garage and was met by, by far, the slowest crank I’ve ever heard and still had the car start. I knew the battery was going, but had no idea it was so far gone. With the ignition on (car off) it was reading 10.5V.  I’m not even mad, that is impressive.  So I guess add a new battery to the list.


I will go on an overland/ off-road adventure in the Wago, but not this year.

Wish me luck!

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