Meeting a fellow overlander/truck guy in India.

Recently I was in Dharmasala, in the Northern part of India for two weeks or so. As we were in the Himalayas and I REALLY wanted to find some off-road adventure, but we were A) not in a place that offered any tours and B) I didn’t know anybody there. Too soon it was time to head back to New Delhi for a few days before flying back to the states. Bummer.

First day in New Delhi as I’m skimming the “Off Road, Overland Expedition and Camping 4wd Vehicles” Facebook group I notice a post from a guy named Sandeep showing off his adventures in his Mahindra Thar (a Jeep equivalent) playing around in the Himalayas.

Photo by Sandeep Singh

“Maaaan,” I say, possibly. I said something and followed it up with something along the lines of “I just left there!”

From there we got to chatting a little bit and realize that he is actually in Delhi, just 30 minutes away. More chatting and we made plans to meet up the next day.

The next morning we meet and greet for a while at my hotel and talk about life, trucks, and other important things. We head out to run around town a bit, with the thought that he would drop us of at some sites. Soon, though he invites us to his house to meet his wife and son and enjoy some home cooking and a couple beers! We spend the next couple hours talking more about life, trucks and other important things. It was truly great to meet such hospitable people and get to learn close up about life half a world away from what I’m used to.

And now onto what you were looking for, info on the Thar:

Looks familiar?

If it looks a bit like a Jeep-ish to you it’s because it is. Mahindra (much like Mistubishi) built the original Willys-Overland under license and it has retained that Willys look that is Jeep to us Yanks. One thing that you can’t see here, but that will make the Jeep boys and girls cry is IFS! Yup, no solid axle under here. The ride is probably nigh upon tolerable.

Coming soon to a Jeep near you?

Another difference: diesel! It looks good under there, eh?


I forget all the details about the top, but apparently it’s REALLY hard to put down, but is extremely quiet. So it stays up most of the time on this one. Looks great though!


The interior looks pretty plush. Weird side to put a steering wheel on though.


A fine golden lager. I, in fact, love fine golden lagers.

India is a heck of a place. More on the trucks and driving in India in a coming post!

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