Couple of months ago I bought myself a funky little knife, the Mora Eldris.

I bought it on a whim thinking it would just be a neat thing to have but I have to say, it’s actually a great knife. I was pleasantly surprised as I figured it was more gimmicky than anything else, however I was mistaken and I’ll explain why below.


Initial thoughts: It’s light, but at the same time feels incredibly solid. The blade measures 56mm (or 2.2 inches) long, 2mm (.08 inches) thick and is made of 12C27 grade steel.

Size comparison with Mora Light my fire

As you can see above it’s a compact knife so you can feasibly carry it everyday and it’s replaced my Leatherman Crater C33 for when I go hiking.


Speaking of which;

Usability: Decided to take it for a 4 mile hike (to hunt for some walking sticks for my wife and I) and during the hike I didn’t really feel it around my neck other than the bobbing against my chest.

You don’t really feel it around your neck, even after a 4 mile hike. Secondary lock makes sure the blade stays put.
If the bobbing irritates you, it also fits in your pocket.
Not really good with the whole “selfie” thing but I digress.

And now some pictures of the tail end of fall around me.

I might have to look into taking up bow hunting seeing as this is a mile from my house.

During the hike I did find two suitable Western Cedar tree shoots for walking sticks and used the Eldris to clean them up.

Land Rover has become a work bench, suitable usage for now however I’ll be working on it between Christmas and New Year to get it closer to being back on the road.
And done. Next up, staining.

This is where the Eldris excels, it’s the perfect size for shaving wood (giggidy) and your thumb fits comfortably on the blade. The grip is secure and firm so no risk of it slipping out of your hand even in wet conditions, and as with all Mora’s it has a Scandi grind so maintenance is easy. Speaking of grind, it really holds it’s edge well. The blade was still sharp after cleaning the bark off these two sticks. I’ve used it a few more times and I don’t feel I need to sharpen it yet.

Features: I’ve alluded to some of them but here is a run down;

  • It comes in multiple colours, Black, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.
  • Scandi Grind - A common and easy to maintain grind Mora uses.
  • Locking strap - Great to keep the knife in its sheath when around your neck and adds to the built in click lock.
  • Grinded Spine - Great for using on the fire lighter or resting your thumb on when whittling.
  • Firestarter - Comes with a firestarter to, well start a fire with your shavings.
  • Paracord - Can have multiple uses but main one is to go around your neck.

Overall thoughts: It’s a great knife, it’s small, stout and agile in use. It’s too small to baton with but with it’s size it will easily fit in your pack or around your neck so you can still carry a bigger knife for that purpose. It makes for a convenient firestarter carrier so if you are pressed for space, that’s how you can fit it in if you need justification.

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