More Tales of Bad Mechanicsmanship

My head-scratchiness and overall disgust with the condition in which I purchased my project rig has been well documented. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame the rig; I 100% blame the previous owner. Well, I found two more things that make me want to tell people, “My truck is a rescue.”

That ain’t right.
Photo: Me (Phone)

The only reason I know what caused this out-of-roundness is because I’ve done it before. Let me clarify, I was working on the same vehicle where this happened before. The reason the rotor is flat on one side (and why, I presume, there are 3 new-ish looking studs) is because the previous owner lost a wheel while driving, and the road grinded the rotor down until the vehicle came to a stop. Amazingly, the vehicle drove and stopped completely normally. Still, I ordered a rotor off of Amazon and replaced it. My new center console came in from eBay the same day. This led to the second odd finding.


The second thing that I found happened when I was replacing my center console. The forward piece of the center console that contains the shifters was loose and could not be screwed down.

When removing the old one, I found a dollar tucked in the padding. Woohoo! I’ve found about $87 in loose currency in this thing so far, so this was not a surprise. What was a surprise was the tiny ziploc bag with a mysterious white powder in it that I found tucked inside the dollar bill.

That makes cents...

I disposed of both the dollar and baggie promptly, then installed the new console piece. Good thing I didn’t take this to Mexico yet.

My baby is about to go to the shop for a couple days to get front axles installed and various other minor fixes that I can’t do in my tiny garage. I’ll be a nervous wreck while it’s gone, but hopefully it will be good to go dune-ing when it leaves.

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