Since I put the new radiator in I’ve noticed my temps have been a little hotter than I like, not dangerous hot, but hot. I’ve tried coolant flushes and I tried burping the system but even with a light load in cool temps im getting up to 200 f. Since I will be towing a trailer with it thursday I needed to figure out what was going on. The shop I go to said my clutch fan was toast. I have a hard time believing it based on the fact that the current fan is only 80k old. Yeah I guess thats a long time, but it doesn’t feel THAT long. Regardless they were convinced it was either slipping or not clutching in properly so I went to Cruiser Outfitters and picked up a new Aisin Blue hub from Kurt.

The old one felt like it had just as much free drag as the new one, but it could be that the old was wasn’t clutching in. It was too cold this morning to test it out (had to run the camper heater all night to prevent freezing since I just de-winterized it). but we’ll see. Hopefully!

The other reason might be my brass 3 row isn’t rejecting heat as fast as the aluminum 2 row. I’ve heard this can be the case. In either event I know the temps to keep an eye on for the FZJ80, and in case you want to know as well here they are (Courtesy of VcExpeditions)

108 c (226 f) - Air conditioning will kick off to protect the cooling system and attempt to reduce heating load. Danger zone.


105 c (221 F) - Temperature gauge moves off middle. Careful watching

103 c (217 f) - AC comes back. Max safe continuous high.


< 100 c (212 f) - fine for headgasket safety.

82 c (179 f) T-stat start open


85 c (190f) T-stat full open (I think)

And Just for fun.