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So, I was reading this free mag, which the ‘Aussieness’ of the writing grates a bit with me, but hey, it’s free so no complaints. It also has a comparison between a D4, 200 LC and a Armada Y62 Patrol, raising the interesting question of it all being too easy these days. Of course if you want to see a 200 series pushed to it’s limits, that’s easy, just go here...


Anyway, on the video page they have a dated promotional video from OKA 4x4, and Australian company set up in the 1980's by a group of Australian mining executives (an ambiguous label if ever there was one...) to build an offroad truck with a 3 tonne payload.

From the video it seems to be the answer to a question that is often posed, and could still be relevant today. Unfortunately it seems the company got involved in some dodgy dealings and just a big mess.


Shame, these things still make big money, so you would think the engineering behind them is as sound as they say.

Anyway something to think about when we get too old and creaky for proper 4wd adventures.


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