Overland Lite: Mini trip report

Lite as in extra-lite, as in it-doesn’t-really-count lite.

Yesterday I went for a tourist drive with my mom on part of the Eastern Townships Wine Route, here in Quebec. We only made a handful of stops around Dunham and Frelighsburg, visiting 3 vineyards, a fruit stand, a cafe/general store and a very cool little honey producer, Les Trois Acres, which deserves a shout out for their nice products and cool vibe.


As we were driving about, Mom asked if I was still using the truck to offroad, and this led to the question of “what is overlanding?” Since, technically speaking, overlanding is just travelling by land in a vehicle, our minor dirt road adventures in the shadow of the northern Appalachian range should count!

My trip counter is now at 2 for the year! And I have the bottles of wine to prove it.

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