Project Troopercabra - Part III, Section B: The Smog Retest Test Retested

I passed smog!

Well, the Trooper did... I didn’t.


To be honest, I’m glad it didn’t pass sooner. It used to run rough when warm and misfire occasionally. Sometimes it would want to die immediately after starting. Also, I’m getting 8 MPG on this tank so far. If I hadn’t been forced to find and remedy the culprit, a leaking fuel pressure regulator, I wouldn’t know what it’s like to hear the engine purr like a tiger, never misfire, and acheive double-digit MPGs. Every additional fix and modification now makes the truck feel younger and stronger.

Battery Holder - Before
Battery Holder - Before
After - It’s the little things in life...
After - It’s the little things in life...

I think the desire to finish can blind us to the advantage of the process. Desire sacrifices quality for speed and makes us accept that which should not be tolerated in the name of progress. The knowledge that fools reject and wise men accept is that the path to success is marked by many failures suffered, fought, and eventually overcome.

Also, I replaced my battery holder.

The Tally

Rig + Parts: $4,126

Gear: $829

Total/Budget: $4,955 of $5,000

The List

  • Smog and registration
  • Alignment
  • Oil change
  • Check other fluids
  • Shocks
  • CV Axles
  • Install ball joint spacers
  • Fix ABS wire
  • Reattach fender flares
  • Clean and de-stinkify interior
  • Rear sway bar links
  • Replace antenna
  • Fix spare tire mount
  • Replace rear wiper
  • Adjust steering gear mount
  • Install quieter exhaust
  • Install RTT
  • Install CB radio
  • Replace fuel pressure regulator
  • Wheels and tires
  • Level suspension
  • Exhaust gaskets
  • Check plugs
  • Replace valve cover gaskets
  • Battery holder
  • PCV valve
  • Install stock airbox
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace gas cap
  • Manual hubs
  • Roof rack
  • Reattach interior panels
  • Center caps
  • Install shift selector
  • Refit transfer case lever boot
  • Check pitman and idler arm, tie rod ends
  • Replace front wipers

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