Project Troopercabra: Part V - Minor Update

I hadn’t checked in in a while, so I thought I’d write something so you didn’t all think I had given up.

It’s happening. My brother and I plus a few others are doing an inner-state weekend trip on the 29th. Route is still undecided, but it’ll likely revolve around Big Bear Lake, CA. There’s still quite a few things needing done before I stop calling this a “project,” but if I get the front CVs and upper ball joints replaced, repair the 4WD wire, and install rear sway bar links, I think we’ll be good to go for now.

Rewind a bit. I got OME 2929 springs for the rear. They’re taller than the abominations that were in there before, but they ride the same height. The ride, however, is 1,000,000x better.

New OMEs on the right.

Installed the front shocks... Now I know why it would bottom out on speed bumps.

Old vs. New. Nevermind the shoe.

I was cleaning the interior, and I discovered a smuggling bin under the rear seats. Sweet!

Perfect size for 6 packs of b... soda.

RTT is on!


Went to pick up my personalized National Parks edition license plates at the DMV, and guess what? They said the lien against the truck is still open, and they had to hold my plates. Ughh. A couple days worth of calls later and everything is sorted out, I think. I’ll go back to the DMV when I have another 5 hours to waste. Maybe next year...

Look for a future write-up regarding the Trooper’s first excursion, and how nothing went wrong! (Yeah, right.) In the meantime, here’s the view from my hotel in Vancouver, WA.


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