The End

I’ve sold my 4Runner to someone with more time, money, and optimism than I have at the moment.

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The pre-sale inspection at the dealership turned up a list of things I knew about (the exhaust is destroyed, there are no skid plates, she’s kinda rusty but still solid) and a few we didn’t know about: the AC leaks, there’s an oil leak, the brakes require excessive effort, the steering box leaks, there’s a wheel bearing on it’s last legs, some ball joints/links are toast, and the rust is maybe worse than you want it to be in a few spots. But the buyer took it anyways, after a significant but reasonable price adjustment.

It’s gonna be strange not having a vehicle of my own. And as a family, we were accustomed to the immense convenience of having 2 cars when 1 is almost overkill, so some adjustments will need to be made.


I have no automotive plans for the future, but I promise to keep lurking here. Happy Trails!

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