So it’s with mixed emotions that I report I just purchased a 2013 GX 460. The Lexus will, of course, be the replacement for the Forester. De-modding the Forester will start next week to prepare it for eventual sale.

I actually quite liked the Forester and I felt its mix of economy, space, capability, and everyday livability was very compelling. For the types of trails that I did (Mojave Rd. levels of difficulty), it was adequate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one to anyone.


However, the Forester is manual and, with my girlfriend getting more involved in the hobby and having a hard time picking up driving manual, I decided that I needed an automatic. I’m not a big fan of CVTs, I wanted something that could tow (the Lotus), and have been considering GXs for years, so I went and pulled the trigger after months of studying the market. The Forester will be missed, I’m sure. The crossoverlanding torch will be carried by my friend’s Crosstrek and another’s incoming Outback.

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Anyone, here’s a picture of the GX, in all its glory. It’s the housewife special color combination; pearl white with beige leather interior, but I’ve never been one that was very concerned with having his cars project masculinity.

Going forward, the plan is to mildly upgrade the truck’s capabilities; probably just some sliders, wheels, and tires. Maybe a roof rack? That should be sufficient and I’ll focus the rest on actual gear for camping out of the vehicle. I’m looking forward to trips in this vehicle (Eastern Sierras is planned for September). I’m not looking forward to 20 mpg commuting though. This is definitely the quietest and heaviest vehicle I’ve ever owned, by far.

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