Ultimate Adventure 2017

This year they head through Arizona... in summer. The first part of the trip was during a brutally hot week/day of the year. It sucked for us and I can only imagine what it seemed like for folks from out of state driving a truck without AC or doors in low range.

It’s fun to watch them head through trails that we know to see what they think of them and how they do. Most of this loop, except for a couple items, could be done in a truck with a mild lift, a locker and 33" tires. Still, those few optional tough spots are extremely tough. Thankfully there are ways around them if you so chose to try and follow this trips footsteps.


Also, the entire trip could be done on the dirt (less a couple of required pavement miles), but I understand that with time, a big group and breakdowns some road sections we’re chosen.

I “get” this kind of rock crawling or whatever you want to call it.(Exploring, overlanding, 4x4ing, “off”roading) It’s a mix of things I enjoy. Adventure, a bit of tough trails, avoiding pavement etc. Nice work on the route this year guys.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

There is one more part yet to post which should be put up tomorrow morning. I’ll edit the post and add this final leg of the trip, but this should get you started!


(Edited to add)

Part 5:

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