Unimog Update: It's really working this time. Really.

Two years ago I replaced the carb on the Mog and thought I fixed it. I was wrong, I didn’t.

In the previous post claiming that it was alive I had disqualified the fuel pump as the culprit. Again, I was wrong. It was the fuel pump.

But finally, after so, so many years and so, so many things replaced. It runs AND drives. Sure it doesn’t really stop without pulling the e-brake, but still.


Here is some video of it leaving the shop. I think the video was shot on a rotary phone, but at least the sound is decent. Drove it around the block to my house:

It took me a minute to remember how to drive it. There are 6 gears: Low 1 and Low 2 and then 3rd through 6th. They are split, which makes it tricky. The truck does have this handy guide but I have no idea what it says. (Updated to actual image from my truck - previous image had English translation, which would indeed make it easier to understand)

Anyways, drove it home, up and down a couple hills in the backyard and it climbed, the lockers engaged and it pretty much disturbed the whole neighborhood.


Stoked! Going to fix the leak in the brake line this weekend then start cleaning it up.

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