Even if it’s for a mountain bike?

I’ve been refining my on-bike toolkit and this is how it currently sits. I take meticulous care of my bikes and equipment because 1) I love working on things 2) I do it for a few friends, and trying to sell maintenance when your own things are broken is just bad business and 3) I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who is always dealing with broken stuff on a ride.


From left to right:

  • Spare derailleur hanger, with bolt
  • metal tin of hardware, spare valve core, geartie, and bailing wire
  • 86 projects weather-resistant storage bag
  • chain lube with childproof cap (to prevent spills)
  • 2oz bottle of tire sealant
  • tire plug kit (for tubeless)
  • zip ties, with tape
  • master link chain pliers
  • tire levers
  • tire patch, tire boot
  • leatherman squirt (pliers, knife, tiny screwdriver, etc)
  • two spare chain links
  • Topeak ratchet rocket, with chain tool, spare tape wrapped on handle
  • various hex bits for ratchet rocket

With more and more bike trips coming up and in an effort to hone my toolkit for a big bikepacking trip, this is some documentation of what I usually carry. 90% of the time, it’s for someone else, but I like to be prepared. This entire bag weighs in at 446 grams and it’s low position makes it easy to forget about.

Not pictured: spare tube, tire pump, and one master link attached to the bag’s mounting plate.

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